Corey and Gretchen :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photographer, Portland Wedding Photographer

The weather report had threatened showers on Corey and Gretchen’s wedding day for a the week prior to the big day.  Sure enough, big, marble-sized rain drops fell from the stormy sky as I drove to the Organic Walnut Farm, where the wedding and reception was the take place.  My mind spun with plan B and C, thinking of alternate spots to find shelter and still get that “farm feel” in the photos.  We met the ladies in a quaint yellow farm house on the property where they commenced getting dressed in their teal dresses and red shoes – the wedding dress hung elegantly on a door frame, waiting to be put on.  Then, a miracle!  The sun came out!  Despite the sloshy, muddy ground, we were able to do all of the couple and group photos outside as planned!  The air smelled of cedar from the fire in the pot belly stove.  Peacocks and roosters crowed in the background while horses roamed in the surrounding fields.  Kids swung happily on the tree swing after the joyful and laughter-inducing ceremony, led by the bride’s uncle, and two loving people were married.  It was a touching and perfect day! 


Mega Smile :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography, Fort Vancouver

This little guy’s grandma brought him to me for a quick mini session.  She wanted to capture his larger that life smile as a gift for his mama.  What a sweet little guy he was!  So funny and well mannered!

Take time to play! Jennifer O’Donnell Photography, Battle Ground, WA Photographer

Their connection as a family is so tangible.  I wanted to just reach out and capture just a bit of it in a jar – that closeness, and strong bond that only a family who spends time laughing, playing and exploring together can truly experience.   Though it’s important to capture those images where everyone is posed and looking at the camera and smiling, it’s so fulfilling to be able to capture these moments of  joy!

Erin and Justin :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography, Vancouver WA Engagement Photography

Erin and Justin met up with me at the historic Fort Vancouver for their engagement session.  Erin put a lot of thought into what she wanted to bring along with them to help tell their story in their photos.  She always is lugging her little Diana camera around with her to capture photos so the camera was a must.  Justin proposed to Erin with a sweet hand written note, so that makes a front and center appearance in their photos, and talk about some dyed in the wool U of O fans, these two love them some Oregon Ducks!  We had a blast with all of the duck gear they brought along with them, cheering for make believe touchdowns and all.  :)  I cannot wait for their July wedding at Green Villa Barn in Independence!  These two know how to keep things fun!

Fancy Free :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography :: Beaverton OR Family Photographer

The M family met me on the Nike Headquarter’s campus in Beaverton, Oregon for some family portraits.  Their little girl was just so spunky and care free and so full of zest!  I loved every second!

Real life is beautiful :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography :: Battle Ground WA Photographer

When you think back on how your kids were when they were small, you will want to remember how they actually were, not just what they looked like.  You’ll want to remember the crinkle in your daughter’s nose when she was really laughing…you know…that no-sound-coming-out-cannot-catch-your-breath belly laugh.  You’ll want to remember your son’s dimples, or how your kids used to love to tickle fight, and the giggles that would erupt when they did.  It’s all beautiful and worth remembering.

Camden :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography :: Beaverton Oregon Child Photographer

Wow, it’s been a long time since I have taken the time to blog! I saw Camden and his family back in February, just before Valentine’s Day and we took some portraits of the 6 month old heart breaker.  I just love his impish grin!

Kai :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography :: Battle Ground, WA Newborn Photographer

This little dude’s parents love Hawaii, and in homage to this affection for the aloha state, the gave their sweet boy and good Hawaiian name.  How lucky am I that I get to photograph his cute face every three months this year?!  Yay!

One! :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography :: Portland Oregon Child Photographer

Grant turned one!  I will miss getting to see him every three months for his photoshoots.  I have loved every second I got to spend with this little guy and his sweet family!


Jennifer and Kenny :: Mt. Hood Engagement Session

I met Jennifer and Kenny near Welches for some snowy engagement photos.  This winter has not been overly “wintery” so the snow that remained was starting to drop in big, heavy, wet blops of snow as we walked the trails at a little camp ground along the highway.  Though it was cold, Jennifer and Kenny didn’t seem the least bit chilly.  Their love clearly kept them warm as they giggled, smooched and cuddled together, sparkling white snow all around them.  I’m looking forward to their August wedding!  It’s sure to be over the top romantic!