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The weather report had threatened showers on Corey and Gretchen’s wedding day for a the week prior to the big day.  Sure enough, big, marble-sized rain drops fell from the stormy sky as I drove to the Organic Walnut Farm, where the wedding and reception was the take place.  My mind spun with plan B and C, thinking of alternate spots to find shelter and still get that “farm feel” in the photos.  We met the ladies in a quaint yellow farm house on the property where they commenced getting dressed in their teal dresses and red shoes – the wedding dress hung elegantly on a door frame, waiting to be put on.  Then, a miracle!  The sun came out!  Despite the sloshy, muddy ground, we were able to do all of the couple and group photos outside as planned!  The air smelled of cedar from the fire in the pot belly stove.  Peacocks and roosters crowed in the background while horses roamed in the surrounding fields.  Kids swung happily on the tree swing after the joyful and laughter-inducing ceremony, led by the bride’s uncle, and two loving people were married.  It was a touching and perfect day! 


4 thoughts on “Corey and Gretchen :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photographer, Portland Wedding Photographer

  1. Gorgeous photography Jenny! I feel like I was there! What a beautiful wedding :o)

  2. Love when you do veil shots-so romantic! The peacock feather was a lovely backdrop for the rings as well. Wonderful job as always!

  3. This looks like it was a gorgeous wedding! I love the colors & the peacock in the background was amazing! Beautiful photos!

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