Emilia and Paul :: Oregon Golf Club Wedding

The Oregon Golf Club in West Linn, Oregon is one of my favorite wedding venues. The view from where it sits is gorgeous, not to mentions the glorious grounds that make up the club itself. Emilia and Paul were married there, amidst the lush spring grass and budding flowers. The rain held out for us all day, until near the end of the ceremony when it blessed the newlywed couple with sprinkles. A beautiful day for a beautiful couple!

Jacob and Stephanie

When Stephanie was younger, she told her best friend that she wanted to marry a cowboy. Someone with old fashioned values and a strong and steady demeanor. Stephanie got her wish. She found that and so much more in her Jacob. May they have many happy years together!

Micah and Joe :: Oregon Golf Club :: Portland, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Micah and Joe are perfect for each other.¬† They make each other laugh, challenge one another to be better, and make everyone around them feel at ease in their presence.¬† I was honored to be asked to photograph their wedding at the stunning Oregon Golf Club in West Linn, Oregon.¬† Micah, who lives on the East Coast, had only ever seen photos of this venue online and booked it for it’s gorgeous rose gardens and¬†timeless feel.¬† As she began planning her big day, she chose soft pinks and sweet details to accentuate the romantic, loving relationship she shares with Joe.¬† And romantic it was.¬† And FUN!¬† ¬†There were some tears, a lot of giggles, knowing glances at each other, and lots and lots of DANCING! Joe’s groomsmen were some of the best reception dancers I have ever seen!¬† I was very entertained and impressed!¬† It was just such a beautiful day from the couple to the flowers, and everything in between.¬† Congratulations to Micah and Joe and may they have many years of happiness together!


Corey and Gretchen :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photographer, Portland Wedding Photographer

The weather report had threatened showers on Corey and Gretchen’s wedding day for a the week prior to the big day.¬† Sure enough, big, marble-sized rain drops fell from the stormy sky as I drove to the Organic Walnut Farm, where the wedding and reception was the take place.¬† My mind spun with plan B and C, thinking of alternate spots to find shelter and still get that “farm feel” in the photos.¬† We met the ladies in a quaint yellow farm house on the property where they commenced getting dressed in their teal dresses and red shoes – the wedding dress hung elegantly on a door frame, waiting to be put on.¬† Then, a miracle!¬† The sun came out!¬† Despite the sloshy, muddy ground, we were able to do all of the couple and group photos outside as planned!¬† The air smelled of cedar from the fire in the pot belly stove.¬† Peacocks and roosters crowed in the background while horses roamed in the surrounding fields.¬† Kids swung happily on the tree swing after the joyful and laughter-inducing ceremony, led by the bride’s uncle, and two loving people were married.¬† It was a touching and perfect day!¬†


Mega Smile :: Jennifer O’Donnell Photography, Fort Vancouver

This little guy’s grandma brought him to me for a quick mini session.¬† She wanted to capture his larger that life smile as a gift for his mama.¬† What a sweet little guy he was!¬† So funny and well mannered!